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Are you selling a home or buying a new one?  Perhaps you are adding another building to your investment portfolio.  Whatever your specific situation may be, if you are participating in a real estate transaction in the Chicagoland area, we can help you.

Chicago Real Estate Buyer's Representative

In the Chicagoland area, it is customary for both buyers and sellers to be represented by attorneys in a real estate transaction.  All real estate transactions are significant and for many it is the largest financial transaction they will make.  This tremendous responsibility often includes incurring a large amount of debt and the expenditure of other resources, including time and energy.  At Carlson Bier Associates, LLC we understand your commitment and share it.

Whether it is the home where you intend to start your family or a long-planned pied de terre, Carlson Bier Associates, LLC provides each buyer client with personal attention, ensuring they understand the commitments they are undertaking.  Our firm provides detailed focus on the contract, disclosures, and other documents in the transaction, protecting our buyer’s interests and facilitating a smooth, timely, and ethical transaction.  Our highest priority is to ensure that your interests are protected and your expectations are met.

Chicago Real Estate Seller's Representative

The seller in a real estate transaction is faced with many and hidden risks.  Paramount among these is the responsibility to provide clean and marketable title to the property they are selling.  Retaining an attorney who understands the importance of this responsibility is critical.  In addition, there are many other hurdles to clear in order to reach the closing table.  At Carlson Bier Associates, LLC we approach each closing as a project, setting milestones, tasks, and a schedule for each matter to ensure that our seller clients are not delayed by unmet requirements.

At Carlson Bier Associates, LLC we are dedicated to providing a premium customer service experience to each of our clients by combining the power of the latest technology, industry connections, and valuable legal experience.  Carlson Bier Associates, LLC works to ensure our clients understand their transaction, have their interests represented, and have expectations met.

Chicago Commercial Real Estate Attorney

Commercial real estate transactions can add layers of complication atop the typical requirements of a residential transaction.  From due diligence to lender-required environmental assessments, lease requirements to zoning and use issues, navigating a commercial transaction can be difficult.  Accordingly, participants in a commercial real estate transaction require an attorney that knows the industry, understands the roles of the various parties, and can provide the legal support and focus required to close a deal while at the same time protecting their interests.

At Carlson Bier Associates, LLC we combine the latest technologies with legal acumen and experience.  We assess each transaction separately, endeavoring to understand the goals of the transaction, both individually and as a piece of your larger operation or portfolio.  We represent your interests as your advisor first by listening, then understanding, and finally acting.

Jeff Bier Chicago Real Estate Attorney Carlson Bier Associates

Jeff Bier

Attorney & Partner

About Carlson Bier Associates

Carlson Bier Associates, LLC was founded on the principle that an attorney in a real estate transaction should add value.  We do this by leveraging technology, open and frequent communication, and project management techniques to facilitate smooth and timely transactions.  At Carlson Bier Associates, LLC we understand that for our clients, the purchase or sale of a home is a stressful and high-stakes endeavor, which we attempt to ease by providing guidance and counsel.  We also attempt to add value before a transaction begins by offering our broker-partners access to comprehensive data and a contract drafting tool that ensures accurate and up-to-date contracts.

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